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Who we are?

Backpacker Marketers: Hostel Specialists and Adventurers

Did you know that most hostels struggle to stand out in a saturated market, using similar digital marketing strategies that result in fierce competition, scarce customers, and empty beds, especially during low seasons?


We are a digital marketing agency specialized in helping hostels overcome these challenges. How do we do it? We’ll explain shortly. But first, we want you to know that we are not just marketers, but also travelers and digital nomads. We even dare to be backpackers on occasion. Therefore, we understand firsthand how your customers search for and choose between you and your competitors.


Tailored Digital Solutions for Hostels

Competing against giant OTAs and other hostels is no easy task. Trying to do so with the same strategies they use requires huge budgets and effort. Why not implement instead strategies that better align with what your potential customers really seek?

Our approach focuses on meeting the needs of travelers, digital nomads, and backpackers when choosing a hostel. To do this, it’s essential to recognize the different profiles among them: the adventurer, the slow-paced traveler, and the immigrant, each with different demands and expectations. Therefore, communication with them must align with their interests.

 We leverage these personal experiences and approaches, allowing us to obtain an endless variety of ways to increase your visibility and sales, regardless of competition or low seasons.

Our Services


We optimize the efficiency and visibility of the hostel's website by improving its structure, speed, and content to attract and retain visitors interested in booking, thereby facilitating lead generation.


We design and execute
effective advertising campaigns,
whether through traditional or
digital channels, to highlight the hostel's services and capture potential leads.


We manage and optimize the hostel's presence on social media, implementing specific strategies to increase visibility, interact with the audience,
and promote the brand, generating potential leads.


We develop a comprehensive
marketing strategy specifically
tailored for hostels, identifying
key audiences and implementing effective tactics to generate leads.


We develop a structured sales
process tailored to hostels, guiding prospects from awareness to conversion, maximizing opportunities to generate leads and convert them into reservations.


We create relevant and engaging content, including texts, images, and videos, focusing on informing and attracting potential guests, contributing to lead generation.

our process

Success Cycle

1. Analysis Meetings

We assess the current situation of your hostel and engage in discussions about the desired scenario to comprehensively understand your needs and objectives.

2. Goal Setting

Together, we define clear and achievable goals that will serve as a guiding framework for our collaborative actions and strategies tailored to your hostel.

3. Strategy Determination

We craft detailed plans customized to achieve the objectives we've set, identifying the most effective strategies for your specific case.

4. Strategy Execution

We take charge in implementing the planned strategies, initiating the necessary actions to realize the objectives we've defined for your hostel.

5. Analysis and Results Reporting

Your hostel's success matters to us. We diligently evaluate the results obtained, analyze the impact of our actions, and provide you with detailed reports for a comprehensive understanding of the outcomes.

6. Strategy Optimization and Relaunch

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, we base our decisions on thorough analyses, adjusting and optimizing strategies to enhance performance, always preparing for a relaunch that ensures effectiveness for your hostel.

Why choose us?

Empathetic Business Partnership

By choosing us, you not only get a team that perfectly understands the needs of backpackers, but you also ensure working with an agency dedicated exclusively to one hostel per location. This exclusivity allows us to focus entirely on making your hostel the number one choice for backpackers seeking accommodation. Our successful collaboration with places like Civic Guest House in Townsville speaks for itself about our commitment to tangible results.

We add a personalized touch to our services to make your hostel stand out in this highly competitive world. We aim to offer you a welcoming experience that resonates with the preferences and needs of backpackers. Ready to embark on this exciting journey towards success? Schedule a meeting with us and discover how we can grow your business together. We look forward to hearing from you!

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